Victoria Walker, Barry's Bootcamp trainer.

"Kidney failure meant I was 5 hours away from totally toxicity and probable death.  My joints had gone black, I had rashes all over my body... On arrival at hospital, I was put into an induced coma for 5 days.  I’d end up being hospitalised for a month.   An experience that sadly wasn't new to me, after spending 2 years in hospital full time from the ages of 13-15 from the same condition.

Physically, I couldn't have been any weaker.  Unable to walk, I felt like an alien in my own body.  Completely out of touch with all school friends, and that normal growing up experience, my self confidence was shot to pieces.  I'd hit rock bottom.

But through those darkest of times, the thought of being active again was the only thing I cared about.  Returning to exercise and dance was my motivation.  

On reflection, as tough as these experiences were, they were a gift.  Strengthening my resolve, and giving rise to the focused and determined individual I am today." 

On training, a career in fitness- and limits.

"I love pushing myself to my limits. It comes from all the hardship of being so ill for all those years (Victoria was hospitalised for a number of years with a kidney disorder). The toughness was moulded by all the people who doubted me when I was ill.

I just had to get on with it, and made the decision to invested everything into my body - gaining all my personal training qualifications (a journey that now sees her as an elite Trainer at Barry’s Bootcamp in London)

If you'd have said to me 3 years ago that I'd be putting on a microphone and taking these classes at Barry's - I would not have believed you..

I don't deal with any bullshit, I don't tolerate any fakeness. I know where I was, I know who I am."

On body type, confidence and femininity.  

"If someone took away my training, I would lose my mind.  The power I feel when exercising - that sense of accomplishment. It makes me feel unstoppable in many ways.

That's why I find it unacceptable when people have a good functioning body, but choose not to exercise or look after their health properly.

People can be quite intimidated by my physique.  Telling me that I was too muscly - which I'll be honest upset me at the time.  But I've found my flow now - a confidence in who I am, how I look - and most importantly how I want to look.  Athletic, strong and feminine".