Cycling has always been a part of my life. My earliest memories are me and my brothers spending endless summer holidays building bmx tracks, riding trails, and getting around on our bikes.

Compared to other sports nothing really compares to riding, for me, that feeling of freedom, adventure and companionship.  Riding bikes also allows you to push yourself to the absolute limits.  I enjoy the competitive side of cycling, racing the odd local race in London, but that’s not the real draw. 

When I’m riding I’m just there in the moment, there's a really special place with any sport where you have gained enough experience to almost switch off and just feel it, it's zen like. The simplicity of just me, my bike, a few mates and that's it. A place to get to, a circuit to ride, a hill to climb, it's all the same when you're in that moment. It's so much more than a bike, it's a state of mind you reach when you're in that moment and at one with the limits of your body.

Cycling has allowed me the chance to see some of the most beautiful places in the world that I simply couldn't get to without a bike.  It's made me some of my closest friends, lead me to a career, and also bought me closer to my family.  If one special cycling moment stands out, it is probably my first experience of bike packing - just three nights across England taking in the lake district, moors and dales.  The feeling of freedom and simplicity, away from the buzz of the city, and knowing that the only thing you have to do that day is ride your bike from one point to the next, working together with a group of friends.  There's something really special about that.