I practice some form of yoga every day. Yoga for me isn't just about the physical practice, it is a lifestyle. So whether I'm on or off the mat I am still practising in one way or another. To me yoga/mindfulness is something you incorporate in your life so that it becomes the way you live, speak, breathe and be.

I feel like I've always been into spirituality in some way from a young age and as I got older, this was something I wanted to develop further but wasn't quite sure how. I started with meditation and mindfulness practices, I then began reading books that touched on this way of life. The first book I read on this topic was The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. It changed my life! It was after reading this book that I really wanted to develop my understanding of yoga and myself.

Yoga makes me feel free. It's a space where there are no limitations and completely free of judgement. It gives me the peace to deal with all that comes my way with full presence and acceptance, even when it sucks.
When I don't practice I feel as if I'm no longer in control of my emotions, I let go of the ability to move with life rather than against it.
Yoga has changed my life completely. Before starting yoga I did not expect it to impact my life so deeply. It has given me the strength to see the beauty in life at all times, and to find gratitude even in my most difficult moments.
One of the main things Yoga has taught me is the value of presence. It is with presence that I was able to understand and accept the beauty of impermanence.. Being present allows me to truly live and experience life with all it's ups and downs. When life sucks, I know it will pass and things suddenly feel less traumatic. When life is incredible, I am able to truly cherish the moment because I am in it completely.
One of the most unexpected benefits however has been the friendships I have made and all of the people that I have met along the way.