Ballet - Karis Scarlette.  Royal Ballet trainer.  Ballet teacher, entrepreneur.  

"I have always loved ballet, everything about it - the artistry, the physicality, the freedom I feel when dancing, constantly trying master its infamously difficult technique, the discipline, even the pain.   Dancers are rather masochistic!  I am still that way now when it comes to my gym training. I want to be pushed and I thrive off of physical and mental challenges. I am secretly really competitive too which I believe can be healthy! If you can do it, so can I. 

I begin every day with some dynamic stretches for my back, shoulders, hips and hamstrings, then I meditate for around 10-20 minutes. This is a routine I have come to live by and truly feel that I am better person because of it! The combination of mental and physical preparation is essential to my overall wellbeing and also as a busy entrepreneur, healthy and planned structure to my day means I am focussed and more able to manage my workload.

I have had to learn to be more realistic with my dance training and fitness goals particularly due to a very complex and rather devastating lower back injury I suffered in my late teens, which really disrupted my dancing. It subsequently had an effect on my nervous system and even organ function as well as ending my professional ballet career. This was obviously soul destroying at the time but I have since then found peace with my body and enjoy that fact that it feels the fittest it has been in a decade. I equate this to my current exercise and wellbeing routine. I genuinely believe that weight lifting has transformed my body in terms of power and pain management. Discovering strength and speed I didn’t know I had in me does wonders for my self esteem!  At this stage in my life I feel there is nothing I can’t overcome!"